Our business

Over 100 evaluations available to help you gain quality in recruitment and training.

For a training center

E-testing has more than 100 technical tests.

E-testing can also integrate your own specific tests.

The platform is accessible online from any computer connected to internet.

1) Book tests
The learner’s registration is simple and made in just a few clicks online.

2) Evaluate your learners
The learner passes the evaluation either at your center or at home

3) View the results
The results are instantly generated in simple and complete reports

  • Evaluate the skills of your learners
  • Create groups with homogeneous levels
  • Define the gaps of your learners to determine appropriate programs
  • Find the skill needed when hiring
  • Evaluate the evolution of your learners’ skills after a training

  • Each test worth’s a credit
  • The invoicing will be set according to your needs, on an annual basis
  • The unit price of our tests is digressive depending on the chosen amount of tests
  • Customer support and updates are included in the offer

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